Lavon Rushing

Bassist Extraordinaire LaVon Rushing is an accomplished musician who was first introduced to the guitar by his father Bobby Rushing (guitarist for the Gospel Quartet powerhouse called the Mighty Sunset Travelers). As fate would have it, 6-year-old LaVon took interest by being immersed in music being played in his childhood home of Newport News, Virginia. LaVon's influence of gospel, country, R&B, Jazz, Rock and Pop would serve him well as his passion for music matured. LaVon was later drawn to his now principle instrument of choice when his father brought a bass guitar home. As his ear matured and his facility on the guitar improved, the transition to the bass was almost seamless. Rushing believes that the bass is the rhythmic foundation of the band and acts as an anchor for the grooves that drew him to playing the bass. Some of Rushing's influences are Bill Dickens, Stanley Clarke, John Patitucci and Virginia native Victor Wooten.  

Chris Baptiste

Christopher “Cpbkey” Baptiste is an accomplished Keyboardist, Music Producer, Composer, Arranger and all around entertainer! Chris figured out at a very young age that music was one of his first loves! He always says that before he could ever speak he could hear… In those early days he would sit in the pews of St. Luke Baptist church in Harlem, NY with his family and listen to all of the singers and music fill the room! He says that the organ always garnered most of his attention! Chris’s mother is the big music connoisseur of the family and she’s the one who gave him the keys to it all with one small bit of advise! She told him that “Earth Wind And Fire is the greatest band of all time”! He took that to heart and never believed anything else! When you see and hear Christopher “Cpbkey” Baptiste you’re witnessing the culmination of the Black American expierence raised by the Church, the R&B, the Blues, the Hip-Hop and the Soul that birthed the same sound that carried him and so many others from where we were to where we are now…and into the brightest of futures!

Jonathan Parks

Jonathan Parks is a professional drummer based in the Orlando area and was drawn to music since the early age of 3. His parents are to credit for noticing his knack for drumming when he used to beat on the pots and pans and even their furniture. From there they just encouraged him to develop his gift. As a result, Jonathan first began playing in church and then flourished into many other amazing platforms with various artists from several genres. Music is such a powerful artform and he counts it such a privilege to be able to use it as a means of encouragement

Luc Derival

Luc Derival grew up in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in a family that had colorful tastes for music. His love for the guitar and music led him beyond his music studies at Seminole State College and Rollins College to a thrilling journey playing genres such as gospel, jazz, and pop with many renowned international recording artists and bands. “Music is the universal language of mankind.” (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)... His love for people is also a huge motivation for him to keep playing and helping good music staying alive.